Welcome to Revive her

A business podcast where your faith
is a source of strength, not a limitation

A business podcast where your faith
is a source of strength, not a limitation

Discover a Sisterhood of
resilience and soul

Revive Her is a podcast that catalyzes female entrepreneurs of faith from all backgrounds. We help women break the chains of religion while building lasting empires. Each episode, we dare to dive into topics that will transform your way of traditional thinking and empower you to overcome life’s challenges with faith-based principles. We’re pushing against the grain and welcoming open conversation: what does faith really mean and how can you approach it in every day life? We invite you to step in, reconnect with your faith, and unleash your tenacious spirit.

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You can count on each episode to be filled with laughter and lessons that will inspire you to embrace your faith, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and walk in your higher purpose- because we’re right there with ya sister. 

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My friends will tell you they never know what’s coming out of my mouth next and to be honest, I don’t either. Being born and raised an honorary Pastor’s Kid, I know what it’s like to feel boxed in, ashamed, and afraid to live fully. I didn’t even know who I was until I turned 28, lost my child, quit my job, and held a gun to my head ready to end it all. It was in that moment new life was breathed into me, where I learned it can be Jesus AND. I didn’t have to choose between having faith and living a full life defying religious norms.

I'm Haley, your host and co-founder

faith and business

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I was raised by a single mom, my father didn’t exist, and my childhood was steeped in religious trauma. But I was determined to make something of myself because I knew I was meant for more. Suffering from severe postpartum depression that left me suicidal, I had a radical experience with Jesus that changed me. Now I’ve built multiple empires with my eyes on Jesus.

I’m Noel, your host and

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“The realness and rawness that Haley and Noel shared just in the first episode had me in tears😭🙌🏻 So proud of these ladies for sharing their darkness and how God gave them light. Thank you for this and I can’t wait to listen to more!!”

Real and raw

“I appreciate your honesty and openness. Being a Christ follower doesn’t mean you’re going to be perfect or handle every situation perfectly.

God spoke to me through the episode about boundaries with family. This brought me some much needed closure.”

Truth for real life

“Two powerhouse women being vulnerable and showing us the good the bad and the ugly!! This is exactly the type of podcast I love!! I was so moved by todays first episode! Currently listening to #2 and excited for the rest 😍🙌🏻”

Absolutely love!!!

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