Unsupportive Husband?

How To Handle an Unsupportive Husband

What we dive into in this episode: 

  • Keeping your why front and center
  • Resenting your husband
  • Encouraging our husbands to dream with us
  • Proving yourself to your husband
  • Finding support and fulfillment in God

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Signs of an Unsupportive Husband

Noel wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she had an unsupportive husband. When she got her first job, he doubted her abilities because her first pay in the beauty industry was only 29 dollars. She dreamed they would have a big white farmhouse someday, but her husband Drew said “We will never have a house like that.” Noel proclaimed they would buy a house like that someday and said “Watch me.” Even though he was an unsupportive husband, Noel knew that was what she wanted. 

She told him he could breathe life or death into her dreams, and he chose to breathe death into them. The unsupportive husband in him chose to kill dreams that seemed out of reach. But Noel wanted to show him that she could do it. So she did everything to prove it to him. She saw the signs of an unsupportive husband but didn’t let it stop her. Throughout this hardship, Noel even questioned if Drew was the one for her because he didn’t support her. Sometimes you have to go against the unsupportive husband and thrive regardless.

Thriving despite an unsupportive husband 

It’s hard to give it your all when your husband doesn’t support you. It’s hard to go against the grain when you grew up in an area that says you must do as your husband says “because it’s in the Bible”. God filled Noel with a willing spirit, a spirit to do what was asked of her. Drew told Noel she couldn’t quit her job to be an entrepreneur until she matched her pay. But what did she do? She quit her job without telling him and not only did she match her pay, she quadrupled it. She went from struggling, depressed, and with no will, to walking with a purpose and thriving despite her unsupportive husband. Drew not only saw this change but also a change in their finances. After she laid a check down and told him she quit her job, he finally supported her. Sometimes when your husband doesn’t support you, you have to make it happen. You have to find that fire for yourself, that drive to pursue your dreams and choose to thrive.

How to Handle an Unsupportive Husband:

  • Keep your WHY front and center just as Noel does with her kids
  • Keep going even when the numbers aren’t there because he’s going to see that change in you
  • As wives, you have to build your husbands up and support each other
  • Keep in mind that anything you can do can make an impact
  • Above all, remember that when your husband is not supporting you, God is

1 Corinthians 15:10- I am what I am by God’s grace, and God’s grace hasn’t been for nothing. In fact, I have worked harder than all the others—that is, it wasn’t me but the grace of God that is with me.”

So remember, as much as you want it, you don’t need the support of your spouse because you have the grace of God. And with that– You can accomplish anything.